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Best Affiliate Programs

Best Affiliate Programs - The Best Place To Start

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Best Affiliate Programs

Which Is The Best Affiliate Program?

Affiliate marketers are constantly searching for the best affiliate programs to join. The reason that they do this is usually to gain a competitive edge on all the other people out there that use affiliate marketing to earn their living.

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That being said, not to many of these marketers know where to look for top affiliate programs to join or what constitutes a good affiliate program. That is why I have decided to write this article, to hopefully shed some light on what to look for in a good affiliate program.

What Makes The Best Affiliate Programs?

What I look for in an affiliate program depends on the products I wish to sell. If I am building a site to sell digital products (weight loss, anti-spyware, forex trading etc.), I would first look on ClickBank. They have a very good reputation in the affiliate market and offer tens of thousands of digital products for affiliates to market and the commissions are usually 50% of the sale price or higher.

For physical products, my first choice would be Commission Junction. The eissions are pretty high on average, but do vary widely. Commission Junction is another affiliate network with a good reputation for offering the best affiliate programs.

Another reputable affiliate network that you could use for physical products would be Amazon. They offer just about every product you could imagine and although the commissions are often only around the 8% region, with the ease of integration they offer and the wonderful tracking system that they use, you will make commissions from people that you send their way today and you'll make commissions on any future purchases that they make, even if the products have nothing to do with each other and the sales are years apart.

The next way that I find affiliate programs is by going to the websites of big companies. If the company sells things on a national or international level, the chances are these days that they have an affiliate program. So, for instance, I am an affiliate of Apple. The commissions are not really high, but you earn not only on sales that you generate on their easy selling products, but you earn on the clicks that your visitors make on banners that Apple have on their store-front.

So How Do You Decide Which Is The Best Affiliate Program?

The trick with finding the best affiliate programs to promote is to make sure that your potential earnings will cover the costs of your advertising and then produce a profit. It is easy to find out what you will be earning from the program and should be one of the first things you look at before you commit to promoting a line offered by a particular affiliate network.

So if you are happy with what the network pays, you need to then look at what you will pay for traffic. If you are aiming at free traffic, then you needn't worry about this, but if you are using Pay Per Click, Pay Per View or Mobile Advertising, then you have to check via your respective advertising platform what competitors are paying for clicks or views. This way you can determine a potential profit margin.

Only now that you have had a look at the costs, would it be worthwhile to get a campaign up and running. The best affiliate programs are also ones that offer products or services that don't take to much selling. If the product is difficult to sell, I probably wouldn't even sign up as an affiliate. For instance expensive jewellery and watches are things that I don not promote as an affiliate. Yes, if you make a sale, you can make a very high commission, but the fact remains that you are not going to sell products like these often enough to make the kind of money you can with selling weight loss products, for example. As a rule I do not market luxury items at all.

Finding the networks and products that make affiliates a good income has become a little more complicated in recent years, but is certainly no rocket science. It often just takes a bit of common sense, a bit of luck and a few mistakes.

For a simple tutorial on finding the right products, markets and on how to create and market your own website, you should have a look at FreeSiteSignup.

For domain names, the best registrar to use is GoDaddy

For the best quality, low cost hosting use should definitely use HostGator

Finally, for a step by step guide on how you set all this up and start making money online quickly, visit FreeSiteSignup.


Best Affiliate Programs - Learn How To Do Affiliate Marketing

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